Declining by Degrees

In the movie, Declining by Degree, we take a look at the issues in college.  Students face the biggest issues while trying to make the jump from high school to college because they aren’t well prepared for all the work and styles of teaching.  About one half of the students who attend a college or university leave without graduating and one in four students who attend college don’t make it to their sophomore year.  Lectures have been proven to be one of the least effective teaching methods for students and that could be one of the biggest reasons why so many students don’t graduate.  Society assumes that while a student is in college that they receive a useful and meaningful education to better them for the real world.  A lot of teachers are more worried about the passing percentage of the class than actually teaching the information for the students’ benefit.  Many students are also guilty because they are finding easy ways out of doing their homework with a purpose by doing as little as possible and still getting by.

Students are being hurt by all of these issues and are not getting prepared for their future.  Teachers aren’t helping students like they should and lectures are a big cause of this. Many students zone out and cannot focus on the information being given when they have to sit through a lecture.  But most professors don’t know how else to teach their students when the classroom sizes exceed a few hundred students.  When students find the easiest and least time consuming way to complete their work, they do not help themselves.  While students take classes that aren’t of any value to them other than a few required credits, they are developing poor habits for studying and not learning how to do work correctly.  This is greatly hurting students for the real world especially when half of them don’t even graduate from college after attending.



Concussions are finally becoming the topic of discussion in the media today.  After many years and many injuries to the brain, news reporters are finally becoming concerned with the athletes’ health. The National Football League has successfully kept the mouths shout of experts and scientists on the matter until now.  The word and statistics have leaked to the public. The NFL used to report that only an approximate few players were concussed out of 2,000 players involved in just a few games.  They tried to explain that the incidents and situation is not a severe as it really is.  Now that the public is more aware of the damage concussions can cause and the severity of the problem, companies are now trying to invent new helmet pads and helmets to lessen the effect of the hit of a football player.  Hopefully they can solve this problem soon because so many players are being injured multiple times in their career and causing serious injuries to their brain.

I chose to free write about this topic in class because I am an athlete and this book interests me.  The League of Denial by Mark Fainaru-Wada and Steve Fainaru explains the situation and how bad it has become and I hope to one day see a change in the statistics.  A change that gets better and not worse like it is now.

Time Management Skills Needed!

Blog Option #1: Freewriting in class.

I wish there was more time in the day.  Students all across the nation in the time of age are forced to get up before 8:00am to attend classed which require their full and undivided attention. Then after a mentally draining day in the classroom they go out and push themselves to the limit to succeed in sports.  Not only do they do what they love out on the field after class, but they have to go back to their dorm while trying to rush to the café in order to get there before it closes.  After getting food, students then have to manage to find time at night to study for the upcoming test or write the most recent paper that’s due the next morning.  So because they stayed up all night cramming for the upcoming morning, students are tired and unprepared to give their full attention in class.  I know I have a hard time staying awake, better yet paying attention in some of my classes.  If professors could come up with a system for their homework to be on a schedule, that might be very helpful for some people.  Almost all of my tests or big assignments for this semester are due around the same time and it’s very stressful.  Maybe if we had a preparation class before starting the freshmen fall semester, students would be able to manage their time properly instead of being thrown into real life suddenly. Kent University has a study and a well throughout response to the need for time management skills among teens and young adults.  Many study need to be taught these skills in order to succeed with a lower stress level.